Talens Ecoline Duotip Marker Sets

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Ecoline Duotip pens contain concentrated, transparent watercolour paint. These brilliant watercolours in combination with the two different nibs give you the freedom to make fine or broad lines and to colour larger areas. The dye-based Duotips work perfectly in combination with the Ecoline Brush Pen and Ecoline bottles and offer you a wide range of options in line weights, styles and colour variations. Mix with water for beautiful watercolour effects and smooth colour transitions.

Ecoline Duotip

  • Brilliant colours based on dye and gum arabic
  • Convenient marker with two different nibs
  • Blend colours with water and a brush for beautiful watercolour effects and seamless colour transitions
  • Apply to wet paper for wet-on-wet techniques
  • Adheres well to watercolour paper, drawing paper and cardboard
  • Store horizontally so the dye stays evenly distributed throughout the pen
  • Bring dried out nibs back to life by moistening them with some water
  • Store your artworks in a portfolio for optimal colour retention

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