Nitram Fusains Charcoal

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Nitram Charcoal has long been considered the expert in making rich, black charcoal for the discerning artist. This charcoal does not crumble or skip when used expressively or under pressure. It is available in several shades and degrees of hardness. The baton mignoettes holder is perfect for working with the baton mignoettes for an easier way to hold and use charcoal. It also comes with 5 mignoettes so your creativity can roam. The sharpening bloc can be used to give your charcoal sticks a fine point!

Nitram Liquid Charcoal is water soluble, so you can adjust the values from very light to a deep, rich black. Straight out of the tube, the Liquid Charcoal is as thick as oil paint and can be applied with a palette knife or thinned with water for use with a brush. With a lightfastness rating of 1 you can rest assured that your work will not fade.

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