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EC Lyons roulettes are recognized throughout the printmaking world as the finest roulette’s available.¬†They come in two styles the Curved shaft 5‚Ä≥ long item #L336, and the Straight shaft 6.5 long item #L337.

The Standard drum size is 1/4″ diameter x 3/16″ wide. Large size is 3/8‚Ä≥ diameter x 1/2″ wide. Small size is 3/32″ diameter x 3/32″ wide. We also have available a single row roulette in a curved shaft style (L336).

The patterns available are stipple (Dot) the most popular, and parallel line (Line). These patterns are available in the following gauge sizes: Course 45 and 85.

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Edward C Lyons

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