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Daylight TwoSun Lamp

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D36201 – TwoSun Lamp

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If you’re experiencing winter blues or symptoms of SAD, this 2-in-1 light therapy and task lamp is the perfect pick-me-up.

Lightweight and portable, easily alternate between light therapy mode and task lamp mode. When you’re not using the TwoSun as an SAD light, it’s ideal for illuminating your space and reducing eyestrain when enjoying hobbies or carrying out everyday tasks. This 2-in-1 lamp has been ergonomically designed to be easy to carry with one hand and folds up compactly when not in use. The Easy Twist Shade™3 allows the light to be positioned and directed exactly where you need it while the brightness of the daylight LEDs can be adjusted using the tactile 3-step dimmer button. The high quality LEDs and CRI of over 95 provide optimum light therapy and ensures accurate colour matching.


  • Lightweight and portable SAD light and task lamp
  • Tested to Medical Safety Standard EN/IEC 60601-1
  • Easily alternate between light therapy mode and task lamp mode
  • Light therapy mode: 10,000 lux at 10cm with automatic 30 minute off timer
  • Easily adjust the brightness level with the 3-step dimmer button
  • Easy Twist Shade™ to direct the light exactly where you need it
  • 95+ CRI provides optimum light therapy & ensures accurate colour matching
  • Light, portable and ergonomically designed to be easily carried with one hand

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