Creative Mark Aluminum Paint Tube Extruders

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The Creative Mark Save It! Paint Tube Extruders are available in silver or black and are made entirely of durable Aluminum alloy. You can save as much as 35% by getting all the paint out of your paint tubes. Easily saves its cost in less than a year for the average painter. Just feed tubes in the rollers and twist the tube through. Will handle all types of paint, including Oil Colors, Acrylic Colors, Watercolors, and Alkyds. Resists corrosion and has a one-year replacement warranty—a great tool for any artist’s studio! You can squeeze out that stubborn amount of paint that before would not come out of the tube!


  • Made entirely of Aluminum alloy to be both light and durable
  • Works on any size tube up to 225ml in Size!
  • Save as much as 35% by getting all the paint out
  • Feed tubes in the rollers and twist the tube through
  • Resists corrosion
  • Simple and easy to use

Perfect For:

  • Getting all the paint out of tubes
  • All Types of paint including: Oil Colors, Acrylic Colors, Watercolors and Alkyds
  • Squeezing every bit of product out of the tube. It works for big or small tubes
  • Saving money, and not only on paint!
  • Use on household tube items like toothpaste etc..

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