SoHo Artist Disposable Studio Wipes

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New Artist Studio Cleaner & Paint Remover from SoHo are the epitome of convenience and the easy way to keep your studio and brushes clean! These pre-moistened wipes are Non-Toxic and Biodegradable. No harsh solvents or turpentine, and are the ultimate cleaner for varnish, acrylic, oil-based paints and brushes! Not only are SoHo Artist Paint and Brush Cleaning Wipes perfect for cleaning up wet spills, drips and splatters on work surfaces, they are also an effective and gentle cleanser for hands, brushes, tools, floors and more — and can even remove dried acrylic paint from non-porous surfaces! Safe to use on almost any surface, including glass, woodwork, and old finishes, SoHo Artist Studio Cleaner Wipes also effectively clean grease, oil, scuff marks, and adhesive residue. When finished, simply throw the used Artist Studio Wipe in the trash bin — no special disposal necessary! Keep your brushes and painting area clean with a minimum of effort with new Non-Toxic Artist Studio Cleaner Wipes from SoHo Urban Artist!

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