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Free Form‚Ñ¢ SCULPT is a two part sculpt-able epoxy clay that requires no firing and will self-cure in a short time to an extremely hard and durable state with virtually no shrinkage. SCULPT is 30% lighter than similar products and holds vertical surfaces better. Users can sculpt larger, stronger pieces with more control over weight distribution. Free Form SCULPT has an ultra fine particle size that gives the user the ability to sculpt finer detail with better precision using tools or shaping by hand.

A mirror-like, gloss finish can be achieved by smoothing SCULPT with water before it cures.


Maximum Usability – Just Add Water; you can change the consistency and workability of Free Form‚Ñ¢ SCULPT by adding water when mixing A B components. Putty surface can be smoothed with water while sculpting.

Parts A & B are mixed in equal amounts by hand. Working time is a long 1.5 hours and Free Form‚Ñ¢ SCULPT cures overnight to a hard, rigid epoxy that is very strong and waterproof. SCULPT is easily colored by adding UVO‚Ñ¢ or IGNITE‚Ñ¢ colorants to create marble or other effects. Cured putty is easily painted with acrylic paints.

Free Form‚Ñ¢ SCULPT does not contain crystalline silica (which is a known carcinogen). It can be safely sanded, shaped, and painted.

Used as a repair adhesive, Free Form‚Ñ¢ SCULPT will bond to itself and a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, glass, stone, and concrete. Free Form‚Ñ¢ SCULPT will even cure under water

Free Form‚Ñ¢ Detailer is a low viscosity liquid that makes adding details and detail effects to the surface of Free Form‚Ñ¢ Sculpt Epoxy Putty easy.


Control and Precision РDetailer liquid enhances sculpting precision which allows you to quickly integrate dynamic strokes, fine lines, minute, and repeating texture details (such as hair, fur, or feathering). With Free Form® Detailer you can also smooth, stamp, extrude, etc.

Detailer keeps putty from sticking to sculpting tools and will not pull or stretch putty. Keeping tools clean means no build up and greater accuracy when sculpting.

The more Detailer you apply, the more workable the putty surface becomes; giving you a broader range of possible surface textures and finishes.

Applied as a finishing coat, Detailer will leave a glossy surface.

Unlike water or general purpose solvents, Detailer does not leave a chalky residue on uncured or cured epoxy and does not affect paint adhesion. Detailer can also be used for clean-up and will help loosen and remove uncured epoxy from most solid surfaces

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