Silver Silk 88 Artist Brushes

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The perfect brush series for Fluid Acrylics!

Silver Silk 88® is one of the only brushes on the market that was specifically designed to capture and carry low viscosity paints like liquid, fluid or interference acrylic, soft bodied acrylic, watercolor, and gouache.

High-quality multi-diameter Japanese synthetic filaments imitate the absorbency, spring and feel of expensive natural hairs at a fraction of the cost.

Silver Silk 88® allows for a seamless application of color and a delicately textured stroke. Artists say these brushes are a joy to use because they glide so effortlessly across the painting surface.

  • Oil painters adore Silver Silk 88® because they can gently soften and blend colors.
  • Expect a fine point, chiseled edges and unmatched durability.
  • Handmade by expert artisans.
  • Triple epoxy sealed nickel-plated brass ferrule ensures the longevity of your brush.

8822S Monogram Liner is a shorter length out filament that is both durable and flexible.  This brush holds a great deal of paint and comes to a perfect head. It also adds clean and fine lines to work. Length of filament gives the artist the controlled stroke they need for shorter lines.

Specific Way to Clean the Brush:

  • Be sure to clean your brushes after each painting session. Letting paint dry in the brush can cause it to not perform as expected.
  • Rinsing the head of the brush with warm water should be enough to remove most watercolor paints, gouache, inks or dyes but an artist-grade brush cleaner can be used to make sure all traces of pigment have been cleaned off.
  • NEVER leave your brush resting in water! This can cause the handle to crack.
  • Always lay your brush flat to dry.

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