Sennelier Artists Extra Fine Oil Paints

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Developed in 1887 for Cezanne and the Impressionists, Sennelier Artists’ Oils have been the standard of excellence for over 125 years. These Artists Oil paints are made with the highest quality pigments, and allow for maximum pigment load and color intensity. Their reformulated consistency retains its unique creaminess while providing heavier body for greater versatility and ease of blending. The pure safflower oil creates an unsurpassed resistance to yellowing, and the unique non-glossy “French Finish” satin sheen guarantees the paint’s lasting quality. With a palette of 144 colors, the Artists Oils reflect both contemporary style and traditional design with their one of kind colors such as transparent brown, Chinese orange, semi-opaque mars yellow, and the unusual cinnabar and cobalt greens.

Color Swatches – Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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