Sennelier Abstract Innovative Acrylics

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abstract┬« is an innovative Acrylic system presented in a revolutionary packaging. Available in 60 colors (36 Satin, 12 High Gloss, 6 Iridescent and 6 Fluorescent), the highly pigmented paint features a heavy-body texture that offers great covering power while enabling for a lot of transparency. Painting straight out of the extra-sturdy pouch through the practical beak makes abstract ideal for both large work and “street art”. The pouch is also economical as totally squeezable, and displays a transparent window for accurate color reference and level check. Sennelier has been indeed modern since 1887.

Features: Innovative Acrylic system in revolutionary packaging, 60 Colors: 36 Satin, 12 High Gloss, 6 Iridescent and 6 Fluorescent, Available in 120ml/4oz. and 500ml/17oz. (20 colors) 10ml/.4oz. samples available for artists and schools, Highly pigmented Fine Acrylic, Heavy-body texture has both excellent covering power and outstanding transparency, Texture allows for all Acrylic techniques, Painting straight out of the extra-sturdy pouch on any surface makes it ideal for “street art”, Totally squeezable pouch is economical, Large transparent window on the pouch displays actual paint inside the pouch.

Color Swatches – Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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