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K12 Opaque Watercolor Set – Now available in new, exclusive design with quality colours and Chinese white conforming to DIN 5023. New-style hollowed paint tablets for quicker solubility. Interchangeable colour pans in new design. Removable lid with large mixing pans. Special field in the lid for writing the owner’s name. Easy to open and close thanks to large push-buttons. 12 colours 1 tube of Chinese white.

K12 Paint box contains: Black (11), Magenta red (43), Vermillon, dark (54), Yellow (59a), Orange (59b), Yellow ochre (80), Violet (109), Ultramarine (120), Cyan blue (128), Blue green (130a), Yellow green (155), Burnt Sienna (190).

K24 Paint box contains: Black (11), Carmine red (34), Flesh colour (41), Magenta red (43), Vermilion, dark (54), Yellow (59a), Orange (59b), Lemon (59d), Indien yellow (69), Yellow ochre (80), Cobalt blue (108a), Violet (109), Prussian blue (117), Ultramarine (120), Turquoise blue (127), Cyan blue (128), Blue green (130a), Olive green (132), French green (135a), Yellow green (155), Burnt Sienna (190), Umber nat. (192), Gold (220), Silver (221).

D12 and D24 Transparent Watercolor Sets – These watercolor paintboxes are ideal for the experienced watercolor painters or novices. Pelikan water-color paint box offers premium quality at economical prices for artists, hobby painters or pupils. Attracts with outstanding design, elaborate packaging, and high-grade interior.

Features: Selected, fine-grain quality pigments, Pure and transparent shades with high opacity, Colors are easy to dissolve and apply, High light-fastness, Paint quality in each pan above average, available in 24 shades, can be refilled individually, Color boxes with 2 water containers and removable mixing tray, Additionally available:Leaflet “Water-color painting course”.

Applications: Creative painting in different techniques on special paper for water-color painting: Glazing (color on dry paper), washing and wet-in-wet technique (paint on damp paper), granulating (thick paint, little water on rough, dry paper)

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