Nujabi Handmade Watercolor Paper Sheets

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Made of 100% cotton these acid-free sheets are handmade sheet by sheet in a paper making method with more than a thousand years of tradition behind it. Since this is a handmade sheet the surfaces may be a bit different than what you are used to. Nujabi paper does not contain much sizing unlike other watercolor papers on the market, as a result, only small amounts of water can be used on Nujabi paper. The soft cold pressed handmade watercolor paper is more in line with the texture of a cold pressed mould made sheet but the grain is softened so it may be easily drawn on.


  • Handmade Indian Watercolor Paper (not cut sheets)
  • All sheets with natural deckle edges!
  • 100% cotton, Acid-free
  • 200lb Soft Cold Press Handmade Papers

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