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POSH® Wood Palettes are everything the name implies. Using furniture grade maple wood the palettes are hand sanded, then hand finished with our proprietary satin finish providing a nonporous surface that is ready for immediate use, resistant to standard artist solvents and mediums, and easily cleaned. In addition, the warp resistant wood provides an ideal surface in the studio or outdoors. The palettes are produced in 9″x12,” 11.75″x15.75,” and 15.6″x19.6.”  All POSH® palettes come outfitted with two custom silicone footings for superb traction on any surface.

All maple wood palettes are handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA.  From design, to wood selection, sanding, branding and finishing; we focus on the details during each step of the process.

Finish:  The palettes are stained, then finished with a non-porous proprietary satin formulation that is dense, and resistant to water as well as standard artist solvents and mediums.  In addition, the finish is crack proof, chip proof, non-yellowing, and freezer safe.  Oil paints can be easily cleaned with artist solvents.  Detailed cleaning instructions are provided with every product.

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