Mungyo Artists Water Soluble Oil Pastel Sets

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Mungyo’s quest for the perfect art media is unending and to this effect, they have created another amazing product, Mungyo Extra Soft Water-Soluble Oil Pastel Sets. They will change what you thought about sketching and field painting, or even serious painting in the studio. Chock full of pigment! Artists find these Mungyo pastel sets exquisitely soft and buttery, and marvel at how easily they can be blended with fingers, tortillions, or stomps. Add a brush and water to beautifully blend or thin, and achieve watercolor painting effects! Blend dry into dry with ease, blend dry into wet (applying dry and then adding water with a brush), and even use wet by dipping the pastel into water first, and then apply to surface. Pastels can be layered wet or dry as well to develop almost any combination of effects!

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