Masterpiece Tight n Up Liquid Canvas Retensioner

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Tight n Up(TM) liquid Canvas Retensioner is the perfect solution to most canvas-tension problems. Tight n Up instantly and safely tightens well-stretched canvases and paintings that have since slackened-simply by brushing or spraying a small amount of the solution onto the back of the piece.

Once applied, Tight n Up soaks into the canvas threads and fibers, causing them to swell and contract and the canvas to tighten. As the water evaporates, the binder agents remain in the fabric material, and lock the fabric into a contracted state, restoring canvas tension and leaving the surface flat and tight.

Features: Tensions canvases instantly, maintaining a nice, flat surface, Will not harm the canvas, acrylic gesso, or acrylic and oil paintings, Not recommended for use on polyester-based canvas, oil primed canvas, inkjet printed canvas or Giclee prints*, Acid-free archival material, Repairs sagging and wrinkled canvas, Works on natural-fiber canvases, such as cotton on linen, Apply evenly to the entire canvas, Dries clear, Use either before or after painting, Can be applied under the stretcher bars with a brush.

CAUTION: Tight n Up is not recommended for canvases which are printed using an ink-jet or giclee process. Water soluble inks and paints may be adversely affected with the use of this product. Please check with your source before applying Tight n Up to an ink-jet printed canvas.

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