Logan F500-2 Dual Elite Point Driver

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The Logan F500-2 Dual Drive Elite represents the next step in easy-to-use, efficient picture framing point driving tools. Working like a common staple gun, the Dual Drive quickly drives either rigid or flexible inserts into the rabbet of wood frames to properly secure the glass, artwork and backing material into the frame. The Dual Drive Elite fires either rigid or flexible points into all types of wood moulding and features a tensioning knob for harder woods. An improved comfort grip and and easy pull action makes the Dual Drive Elite better than ever as the must-have tool for any shop. Uses points F53, F54, F55 and F56.


  • works with rigid AND flex point inserts
  • easily secure glass & artwork into wood frame

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Weight 2.35 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 18 × 15 in


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