Kuretake Sumi Cartoonist Inks

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ZIG Cartoonist Sumi ink is water-based pigment ink, quick drying, smudge-proof with alcohol-based markers and more traditional for calligraphy. Pair with Menso brushes and Kolinsky brushes or use with Pen nibs. Very smooth flowing sumi ink / Smudge-proof with alcohol-based markers / Suitable for both professional artist and amateur hobbyists.

ZIG Black ink is water-based pigment, quick drying, smudge proof with alcohol-based markers. This very smooth deep black ink is perfect with Kuretake Menso brushes or pen nibs.

Kuretake Gold Metallic Inks - Luminous Gold and Silver inks containing Mica particles combine for a water-based pigment ink available in a 60ml bottle. A true metallic paint that is highly effective on dark colored paper. Perfect for writing with a brush and the bright color stands out especially on dark papers.



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