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The Sattler Grip is an innovation which gently guides the fingers into the ergonomically correct writing position. This product was developed by Dr. Johanna Barbara Sattler together with KUM® to provide an ideal writing aid for left- and right-handed persons. Fits on Pencils, Markers, Pens, Crafting Knives, Brushes etc. Left-Handed Persons Place your thumb on the recess marked with „L“ Right-Handed Persons Place your thumb on the recess marked with „R“ L R The advantages of the Sattler Grip: • Its shape guides the fingers automatically and gently into an ergonomically correct writing position. • The Pressure Feedback System cushions the pressure and prevents the user from holding the writing instrument too tightly. • Ergonomically ideal for left- and right-handed persons. • The pliable and pleasant feeling material is guaranteed free of toxic substances and eliminates the risk of allergenic reaction. • Fits most pencil-, pen and brush diameters

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