Isabey Red Sable Brushes

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Red Sable Round 6223– A handmade red sable brush that combines precision with the capacity to hold a large quantity of paint. Offers characteristics and features similar to a Kolinsky sable brush (6228), at half the cost. 100% pure red sable without any substitute hairs Large reservoir maximizes paint load. Very good, spring, snap and a sharp point Traditional handle that is uniform across the range of sizes

Red Sable Flat Wash 6238 – This handmade red sable wash brush is made of 100% pure red stable without any substitute hairs, and has a razor sharp edge that is also excellent for precise, wide strokes of color, making it the ideal brush for washes and geometric painting techniques. Its unparalleled snap, spring and control offer the highest precision possible in a flat watercolor brush.

Brush sizes – The length and width of a brush may vary from manufacturer as brush sizes are not standardized.

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