Indigo Artpapers Watercolor WiroPad

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This wiropad includes our premium handmade cold pressed watercolor paper. The paper is made using 100% Cotton fibers to provide you with exceptional strength and durability. Double wired, hard boundand lays flat for easy painting. It also features an interleaf between each sheet to protect your precious art work.

  • Wiro Pad: Unique design offers 4 Side Deckle Edge Paper
  • Hardbound & double wired
  • Material: 100 % Cotton Handmade paper
  • Weight: 140 lb/300 GSM
  • Sheets: 24 Sheets
  • Color: Ivory White
  • PH: Neutral (Acid free)
  • Sizing: Internal (Neutral sizing additive) External (gelatin tub sizing)
  • Finish: Cold Pressed with 4 Natural Deckle Edges
  • Interleaf provided between each sheet protects your precious art work
  • Calcium Carbonate Reserve: Buffered optimally
  • Application: Water color, pencil charcoal, gouache and acrylic (please apply gesso before painting)

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