Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Mixing Sets

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The original line of GOLDEN Artist Acrylics is known for its exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency. It contains the largest assortment of unique pure pigments in a 100 percent acrylic emulsion vehicle available to the professional artist. These colors offer excellent permanency and light-fastness. There are no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners, or dyes added.

Each Heavy Body color is formulated differently depending on the nature of the pigment. Colors that tolerate higher pigment “loads” dry to a more opaque, matte finish. Colors that are more reactive and do not accept high pigment loading dry to a glossy finish and tend to be more transparent. Heavy Body colors contain no additives, such as matting agents, therefore the gloss of each color will be different.

Introductory Set – Six 3/4 fl. oz. / 22 ml Tubes. Experience the smooth, thick texture of richly pigmented Heavy Body Artist Acrylics with this balanced selection of colors. Includes: Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium, Naphthol Red Light, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Green Light, Carbon Black and Titanium White.

Mixing Set – Twelve 3/4 fl. oz. / 22 ml Tubes, One 2 fl. oz. / 59 ml Gloss Glazing Liquid. Mixing is easy with the intuitive split primary method. A warm and cool choice of each primary color in addition to other key colors allows the artist to mix an extensive range of colors with a limited palette. Includes: Benzimidazolone Yellow Light, Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium, Naphthol Red Light, Quinacridone Magenta, Phthalo Blue (Red Shade), Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), Phthalo Green (Blue Shade), Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade), Raw Umber, Titan Buff, Carbon Black, Titanium White and Gloss Glazing Liquid.

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