Excel Double Clip Extra Hands With Magnifier

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Excel Blades – Double Clip Extra Hands with Magnifier 55675

  • Extra hands is designed to assist in holding of objects leaving hands free to work on projects while also providing magnify glass to gain more sight of object. Weighted base assists in precise positioning of objects with alligator clamps attached to ball joints for holding at any angle. Multiple adjustable points of positioning to ensure full movement of object.
  • Used on: paper, cardstock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, wood, cloth, leather, cardboard, cricut, cork, vinyl, foam boards, and most other light-weight crafting
  • Used for: holding and stabilizing during bookscraping, model making, wood carving, professional experiments, school projects, and crafting
  • Used by : graphic designers, hobbyists, students, teachers, wood workers, model makers, scrapbookers, quillers, and crafters; and general art purposes.

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