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Eternity Archival Clamshell Art and Photos Storage Boxes are the ultimate in archival art storage! These deluxe boxes feature acid-free materials and durable, sturdy construction: perfect for safely storing your valuable art, photos, memorabilia, documents, ephemera, and more. Made from a sturdy board that resists denting or bending, Eternity Archival Clamshell Storage Boxes are bound in durable black book cloth and lined with matte black, archival paper. The lid swings up for easy access to inner contents, and the box itself can be tucked away when not in use but is also attractive enough to use for display as well. Ensure your valuable drawings, paintings, posters, documents, and pictures will stand the test of time with new Eternity Archival Clamshell Art Storage Boxes!

Each clamshell box has a standard amount of allowance (1/8″-1/4″) so that artwork can easily be removed from the box. The size listed in the name of the product is the size of the artwork that the box can support.

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