Edding 5400 Acrylic 3D Markers

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edding Acrylic Markers are a modern tool and the perfect addition to any creative equipment. Comprising three acrylic markers (5000 broad, 5100 medium and 5300 fine) and the innovative 5400 3D Double Liner, edding has the right product for every creative idea, making painting with acrylic easy and hassle-free. The markers contain highly pigmented, lightfast and permanent acrylic paint. The 5400 double-ended marker barrel has two nozzles with a stroke width of 2-3mm and 5-10mm. Squeeze tube barrel releases free flowing dimensional paint. Easy and clean to use for uncomplicated, spontaneous creativity. Pluggable cap reduces the risk of loss. Made in Germany.

Color Swatches – Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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