Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Half Pan Sets

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These Metal Box Sets are exciting new additions to the DANIEL SMITH collection of Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Sets! Available in 12 and 24 half pan set in metal box.

12 Half Pan Set – 12 Color HAND POURED Watercolor Half Pan Set in a Metal Box is filled with beautiful DANIEL SMITH Watercolors. The set includes split (cool & warm) primary colors, a gorgeous secondary green, and 4 earth colors all in a convenient, sturdy Metal Box ready for the studio, coffee shop and on-the-go trips anywhere!

24 Half Pan Set – 24 Color HAND POURED Watercolor Half Pan Set in a Metal Box is a robust collection of colors, filled with useful and beautiful DANIEL SMITH Watercolors ready to capture your subject or any landscape; urban, suburban, mountain, field, forest, floral in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

The set has expanded (cool, warm and special) primary colors, gorgeous secondary greens, core earth colors plus a neutral gray that allow endless color combinations ready for painting anything, anywhere!

As a BONUS, the set includes a BONUS extra black Metal Box (with the DANIEL SMITH logo) with 24 empty half pans ready for filling with your favorite DANIEL SMITH watercolors and build an additional, customized palette.


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