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These classic fine art materials guarantee a high quality, lightfast stroke due to their full pigmentation. The combination of the artists lead and holders allow for creating unprecedented detail, all while keeping your hands clean. Available in graphite, black, white, sanguine and sepia with either a chalk or oil finish.

Soft Charcoal Leads – Best for when precise control is needed, leads will hold a sharp point for finely detailed work. Available in soft and medium.

Artist Lead Black – Ideal for sketching and drawing. Use alone or mix with water and combine with Sanguine, Sepia and other pastel products. Available in a medium hardness.

Artist Lead White Chalk – Excellent for combining with Charcoal, Sepia and Sanguine. Use to add highlights or smudge with darker tones to lighten. Beautiful effects can also be created when working on a dark, textured surface.

Graphite Leads – Intended for use by artists and draftsmen alike, Cretacolor professional quality graphite leads are perfect for the most detailed drawing work. 5.6mm in diameter, available in 2B, 4B and 6B.

Artist Lead Sanguine Oil – The Sanguine oil lead produces a shiny, smudge-proof stroke. Due to its waxy components it is water resistant. Medium hardness.

Artist Lead Sanguine Dry – Sanguine dry is a traditional medium for sketching and drawing. It produces a dry blendable, red/brown, terra-cotta color. Recommended especially for combining with Pastels and Charcoal. Medium hardness.

Artist Lead Sepia – Sepia Light and Dark leads are traditional drawing media and can create beautiful, subtle shades and tones when mixed with Charcoal and Pastel colors. The chalk pastel consistency allows for creating light washes.

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