Creative Mark Oodles of Brushes Pack of 25

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25 Balanced Assortment Of Economical Brushes For Art, Craft, Hobby And Home

A delightful and economical assortment of 25 brushes, this set is perfect for utility, practice, projects, touch up, art, crafts hobby and home! Oodles of Brushes Economical Art Brush Set features a balanced assortment of white nylon, natural hog bristle, golden talon, natural soft hair, and even foam brushes. The assortment of shapes and styles make it easy to find the perfect brush for any project, touch up, and more. Perfect for tempera, watercolor, acrylic painting, and most crafts, yet priced like disposable brushes.

Brushes can be used with most mediums. These hair types work well with the following media:

White Nylon: acrylics, gouaches, watercolors, temperas, craft paints, house paints.

Natural Hog Bristle: gessos, oil paints, temperas, craft paints.

Golden Taklon: acrylics, gouaches, watercolors, temperas, craft paints, house paints.

Natural Soft Hair: oil paints, watercolors, watercolor gouaches, temperas, craft paints.

Foam Brushes: gessos, acrylics, craft paints, house paints.


  • 25 Total Brushes for all applications
  • Disposable, economical assortment
  • Multiple hair styles in assortment
  • White Nylon, Natural Hog Bristle, Golden Taklon, Natural Soft Hair & Foam Brushes
  • Most can be used with any media

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