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Dream Boards are the ultimate stress reducer. Perfect for Art Relaxation! These special boards much like The Buddha Board activate with water to produce varying degrees of black across a middle tone grey background with each brush stroke. When the water evaporates the image disappears and you are left with a clean slate for your next adventure in imagery.

It doesn’t matter if you are stepping away from a computer, tablet, or phone in order to rest your eyes while working out the daily heaviness of the days stresses. You are now able to dream no matter what your art proficiency. For anyone who is brush-savvy, you can now play with ideas easily and quickly anywhere in your home, office or when you want to travel.

Dreaming allows us to define our goals and to work out our demons. Now you can do this while you are conscious which will certainly make your dreams more positive and make you happier, ready to take on the world with renewed energy and enthusiasm!


  • Available in various sizes, mini (5.31‚Äù x 5.79‚Äù) or large (9.45‚Äù x 11.81‚Äù)
  • Dream board, stand and brush – Just activate with water!
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic
  • Included brush is made to come to a fine point and hold lots of water
  • A higher quality better brush
  • Activated with water
  • Made of quality paper that will not bubble up or peel
  • Mounted to an ABS polymer board
  • Stands are made of high quality ABS plastic w/ brush holder slots
  • Brush is made to come to a fine point and hold lots of water
  • When the water evaporates the image disappear

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