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Standard Set 220 – The Standard Set consists of 220 matt-finished colors. An instruction leaflet describing the organization of the colors provides a grid for designating the colors, as these are not printed on the back. The Standard Set was the prevailing system from 1948 until 1989, at which time the Full Set was released.

Full Set 314 – The Full Set contains the complete range of 314 matt-finished colors. The system consists of 34 vivid hues (saturated colors), 100 tints (clean, light colors), 47 shades (dark, deep colors), 114 pastels (muted, or soft colors) and 17 grays from dark to light, plus black and white. Note that the Full Set has 114 pastels compared to 36 in the Standard Set. Pastels comprise the majority of colors we see around us and therefore form an important part in the study and application of color in art and design.

Gray Set – The Gray Set consists of 17 grays plus black and white. An instruction sheet is included.

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