Bruynzeel Turtle Color Pencil Set of 45

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These various comprehensive colour pencil sets are perfect to give or to receive as a gift. Colour pencils with a strong 2.9mm core in the tried and trusted Bruynzeel quality. With the Bruynzeel Calligraphy sets you can set to work at your own level. Meet that challenge!

45 different shades of the tried and trusted Bruynzeel quality colour pencils. The pencils are made of high quality pigments, which results in a nice colour output and makes them easy to mix with each other. The core measuring 2.9 mm ensures extra-long colouring pleasure. All Bruynzeel pencils are gluten-free and are made with care from responsibly-sourced wood. Bruynzeel pencils are also double-glued, so that they are extra strong and the chance of the colour core breaking – for example, if the pencil falls to the ground – is minimal! This prevents broken points and ensures that you rarely need to sharpen the pencil.

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