Amaco Mix-A-Mold 8 Oz (224g)

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In just two minutes, you’re ready to make perfect reproductions in perfect detail. Works with virtually any casting medium.

Mix-a-Mold™ makes it easier than ever before to make perfect reproductions of three dimensional objects. Mix-a-Mold™ is fast and fun and picks up every detail. Supplied in powder form, it mixes with water and the mold is ready in two minutes. Fill the mold with Sculptamold®, Casting Compound or any other casting medium.

Follow the directions on the box for mixing ratios, but remember that you can speed the setting time by increasing the Mix-A-Mold‚Ñ¢ used or delay the setting time by increasing the water used. Either way it still will set up in a few minutes. When set, it is a soft and rubbery material. It can be used even when you have undercuts because of its great flexibility.

Mix-a-Mold  is AP Non-Toxic.

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