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Sculpture House Casting Plaster

Casting Plaster - Is also known as Pristine White Casting Plaster, this is a pure white, smooth, slow setting plaster for cast, molds, and direct modeling. Packaged in a 5 and 25 lb box.

Hydrocal Casting Material - For strong casts, Hydrocal works as easily as plaster. Use it where strength counts; for patterns, figurines, commercial casts, and sculpture. Packaged in 5 lb units.

Mold Making, Casting and Patina by Bruner F. Barrie - An excellent beginners book for those who wish to make basic molds, and casts in plaster and rubber, with no prior experience. In its fourth printing, the publication has 116 pages and over 200 photos and line drawings representing specific methods and procedures for any mold making and casting project.

Note: Mold Making, Casting and Patina is not recommended for those seeking instruction in advanced gating, venting and bronze casting procedures.