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Speedball Photo Emulsions

Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit - Use these emulsions to transfer images onto silkscreens. Can be used with either water-based or solvent-based inks. Kit includes 7 oz Emulsion and Sensitizer (to be mixed with water). Exposure chart included. Follow directions carefully for optimum results.

Diazo Sensitizer - Used in development of a stencil image on silkscreen. Mix only with Diazo Photo Emulsion for best results.

Fabric Drawing Fluid - Use with screen filler for a positive screen printing technique. Brush drawing fluid on all areas you desire to print and allow to dry. Then spread screen filler over the entire bottom side of the screen. When dry, wash drawing fluid away with cold water to expose the areas to be printed.

Screen Filler - Use Screen Filler to block out areas that you do not wish to print, or use it in conjunction with drawing fluid for tusche-resist and positive screen printing methods.

Photo Emulsion - The photo emulsion method is perhaps the most exciting screen printing technique created. It makes fine line drawings, computer generated images, lettering and photographic half-tone positives. Must be mixed with Diazo Sensitizer, and used with a printed transparency or film positive. A light source is needed to transfer the image to the screen (BBA 1 photo flood is recommended). 3 year shelf life unmixed.

Photo Emulsion Remover - When applied to the emulsion-coated screen, it reclaims the screen with minimal cleaning effort. 8 oz bottle.

Photo Flood Bulb - Preferable for exposing screens prepared with photo emulsion. Ideal for fine graphics. Low exposure. Watts: 250W, Volts:115-120V, 118V, Amperage: 2.12, Bulb Life: 3 Hours.