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Moleskine Passion Books

Moleskine aficionados are naturally inclined to live fully, enjoying pursuits fueled by curiosity and verve. So what could be more fitting than the Passions collection of journals? Designed with signature Moleskine style, this collection is a place to record thoughts, memories, observations, and inspirations centered on specific interests... a receptacle for musings on everything delightful. The other innovative thing about these books is that, the iconic cover is fully embossed with collages of images and words pertaining to each journals theme.

Available in the large Moleskine size (5 x 8.25), the Passions collection features formats that spark your spirit. Each is filled with 240 pages to record and reference information, notes, clippings and drawings about your preferred passions. Plus, you can then adapt them to your preferences - each arrives with a different series of fun tools for page customization: stickers, icons, glossaries, listings, themed calendars, a double pocket for clipping, ticket and card collection.