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New Wave u.go Anywhere Plein Air Palettes

The u.g Anywhere Pochade Box are ultra lightweight, have a thin profile and are made of Baltic Birch Wood. Components are stainless steel and aluminum. Each units inherent beauty, is shown in the grain lines, knots, & varying wood tones. Combining the u.go™ Anywhere™ Pochade box and accessories will make this box uniquely yours. Compatible with 1/4" Tripod mount. Maximum recommended painting surface 9" vertical. These boxes are resistant to standard artist solvents and have a friction hinge to provide a sturdy 180 degree range of motion. Each box includes magnetic components for closing, panel and canvas holder and a removable white plastic palette.

Features - Ultra Lightweight | thin profile | made with baltic birch wood, stainless steel and aluminum | resistant to standard artist solvents | friction hinge provides a sturdy 180 degree range of motion | magnetic components: closure | panel/Canvas Holder | removal palette Available Sizes - 6" x 8" , 8.4" x 11.25", and 11" x 14.5"

u.go Anywhere Model Side Tray - Compatible with #00702 and #00703 Pochade Boxes. Used as a tool and brush holder or additional palette surface. Cinch included for tray storage and other uses.

White Plastic Palette - Compatible with #00703 Pochade Boxes. Smooth and easy to clean surface. Oil paint can be removed with artist solvents and dried acrylic paint peels off. For use with all paint media.

WARNING - Do not dig your palette knife into the surface and do not clean with a razor blade.