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Chelsea Lavender Spike Oil Essence Solvents

The Chelsea Classical Medium, Lavender Spike Oil Essence has a distinctive, sweet lavender scent, and is a safer, natural alternative to Turpentine, does not cause chronic health problems that are often associated with turpentine or odorless petroleum mineral spirits. Lavender Spike Oil Essence is so safe to use and has such a pleasant scent, that it is often used for making soaps and in aromatherapy! With this medium, artists can mix with other oil painting mediums, resins and varnishes.

Features - Handcrafted from the highest quality lavender, Dilutes oil painting mediums, A safer, natural alternative to turpentine and mineral spirits, Created through reproducing the methods of the Old Masters, Features a distinctive, sweet lavender scent, No harsh chemicals used in production!.

Chelsea Studio Set - This handcrafted set has everything you will need to replace your studio medium sets with the safe alternatives found in Chelsea Classical Studio Mediums. No harsh chemicals were used in the making of these wonderful products and they give off a pleasant lavender scent.

This set includes the following items - 1oz bottle Clarified Pale Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil, 1 oz bottle Clarified Pale Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil, 1 oz bottle Clarified Lean Medium Lavender, 1 oz bottle Clarified Fat Medium Lavender, 1 oz Oil of Spike Lavender Solvent, 1 oz bottle Lavender Damar Varnish, 1 oz bottle Lavender Brush Cleaner and a 2 oz bar of Lavender & Olive Oil Brush Soap.

Made in the USA from Old World Master Techniques