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Sennelier Artists Watercolor Sets

Sennelier celebrates 125 years of producing the finest artist materials with a new line of watercolors, a bright and lively palette in the tradition of French Impressionists. These watercolor sets feature 31 colors (including 50 single pigment colors, many unique to Sennelier) which evoke the timeless beauty and vibrancy of Southern France, all reformulated with increased honey content for enhanced brilliance and luminosity. The honey also acts as a preservative to extend longevity.

Aqua Mini Set: Sennelier brings to you the quality of their French Artist Water Colors in a sweet, budget friendly package. This set boasts eight half pans of series 1 & 2 colors, and comes complete with a travel brush. Perfect for gift giving to the budding artist, and also perfect for travel.

Contents: 574 Primary Yellow, Series 1, 675 French Vermillion, Series 2, 344 Cinerous Blue, Series 1, 314 French Ultramarin Blue, Series 2, 805 Phthalo Light Green, Series 1, 819 Sap Green, Series 1, 202 Burnt Umber, Series 1, 703 Payne's Grey, Series 1

Travel Set of 8 Tubes: This little travel set has a basic assortment of 8 vibrant colors and a sable travel brush. The sturdy plastic case features a sliding palette drawer with a thumb holder. Just add water.

Contents: Burnt Sienna, Phthalo Blue, Sennelier Yellow Light, Sennelier Red, Opera, Ivory Black, Phthalo Green Light and Forest Green.

Travel Set 14 Half Pans: This expanded, 14-color, half pan set is housed in a resilient compact plastic case with a sliding palette drawer and a sable travel brush. It is lightweight and contains the largest assortment of colors of any of the watercolor travel sets.

Contents: Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Deep, Phthalo Blue, Warm Sepia, Lemon Yellow, Carmine, Sennelier Orange, French Vermillion, Quinacridone Red, Alizarin Crimson, Payne's Gray, Phthalo Green Light, Forest Green and Dioxazine Purple.

Wood Box of 98 Colors: Complete Wood Set of 98 l'Aquarelle French Artist's Watercolor 10ml Tubes, plus 2 additional colors selected for you at random by Sennelier. This high quality set also includes one Pure Kolinsky Sable brush by Raphael (Series 8404/Size 4)