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Jacquard Tee Juice Markers

Sixteen great colors, available in three tip widths. Tee Juice Markers really deliver! The color screams, but the finished fabric still feels soft to the touch. Tee Juice is great on T-shirts, jeans, canvas tennis shoes – you name it! Color flows smoothly out of pens, no dragging or skipping on fabric. For washability, heat set with a dry iron. Available individually, in boxed sets and kits with iron-on designs to color in. For ages 6+.

Check out - a website where you can show off your Tee Juiced art! Artists, scribblers, doodlers—pros, amateurs, students—anyone is welcome. If youre using Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers, then we would love to see your work! Prized awarded weekly and quarterly.