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Jacquard Silk Color Dyes

Jacquards Silk Color Dyes are used primarily for direct application in silk painting. All 20 colors may be blended together into an infinite range of vivid colors or diluted with water for pastels.These easy-to-use dyes are great for beginners, as they are designed for use directly out of bottle. Green label dyes can be set in two ways: by immersion in our Permanent Dyeset Concentrate or by steaming.

Silk Colors Kit - Get started silk painting today! Jacquards Green Label Silk Colors dyes make it easy, and this kit has everything you need in one neat package. Watch how the dye flows as you touch the brush to the fabric. Create sharp lines using the included gutta and dispenser bottle. Or let the colors flow together to create subtle, transluscent tones. These rich, transparent colors let the luster of silk shine through. And with the four included colors you can mix any color imaginable. Use our Silk Colors mixing chart merely as a jumping off point.

Color Swatches - Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.