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Sculpture House Encaustic Scrapers

Encaustic Scraper Extra Large - The Freedom Straight Encaustic Scraper, our largest scraper, is a stainless steel tool with a true straight edge for easy scraping and leveling of large works. The "Freedom" thumb pad, secured to the tool with a two-part epoxy, provides the application of direct pressure where needed when scraping. Welded stainless steel and solid handle for good balance. Approximate length is 7in and approximate width of cutting edge is 6 in.

Encaustic Double-End Scoop Tool - This double ended chrome tool enables the artist to "pool" encaustic paint in either of the two spoon-like ends. Approximate length - 7".

Encaustic Double-End Texturing Tool - This unique double end texturing tool has been crafted with fine and medium teeth at either end for detail design work. Made of stainless steel, the tool is approximately 6.25 in length.

Encaustic Straight Scrapers - These encaustic scrapers are ideal for gently scraping layers of encaustic paint as you work to achieve a smooth, glass like surface. Solid welded handle. Available sizes: Approximate length is 6.25" and approximate width vary.

Encaustic Tooth Scrapers - These stainless steel multi-tooth encaustic scrapers fill a much needed design gap for texturing - allowing for the artist to create deep texturing cuts in their encaustic work. Made with solid weld technology. Available sizes: Approximate length is 6.25 inches and approximate width of cutting edge vary.