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R&F Encaustic Raw Materials

Ready to use, heavily pigmented. Three sizes and 80 vibrant colors. Using R&F Encaustic Paint lets you start making art and stop worrying about making paint. We have all the encaustic painting supplies including tools, mediums, and Encaustic Gesso you will need for your encaustic adventure.

Like our pigments, our raw materials are all of the finest grade, from the best sources available.

Beeswax White: Beeswax is the chief component of our encaustic paint. Our beeswax has been decolorized by mechanical filtration, rather than through bleaching which breaks the wax down. Filtering the wax is gentler process that makes it less reactive to pigments than chemical bleaching. The wax comes granulated so that it is easier to measure and to melt. You can use Beeswax as the prime ingredient, along with damar resin, for making your own encaustic medium. You can also use it for encaustic without the resin, but the surface will be less hard, less polishable, more dust-attractive, and have a lower melting temperature. A good ratio is 9 parts wax to 2 parts resin. You can also use straight beeswax to give an initial priming coat to your panel or paper for encaustic.

Damar Resin: Damar is a hard natural resin that comes from a family of deciduous trees that grow in the East Indies. In encaustic paint damar resin is the most common ingredient for hardening the beeswax and raising its melting temperature. Damar allows the wax to be buffed to a higher, more translucent surface and helps prevent blooming in the wax. To use the damar in making your own encaustic medium, it must be melted in the beeswax and strained. You can make Damar varnish by dissolving the resin in turpentine.

R & F Encaustic Raw Materials Beeswax White 1LB

R & F Encaustic Raw Materials Beeswax White 1LB

$22.95  $17.21
Save: 25% off

R & F Encaustic Raw Materials Damar Resin Crystals 1LB

R & F Encaustic Raw Materials Damar Resin Crystals 1LB

$21.30  $15.98
Save: 25% off

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