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Pebeo Vitrail Stain Glass Effects Mediums

You've taken up Vitrail stained glass work, but do you have all the right tools? Tools such as Cerne Relief outliner , or if you prefer, the self adhesive lead strip to draw patterns and create outlines. Vitrail auxiliaries also include different mediums to lighten colours, to make them glitter, to give them a matte effect, or to create a crackled effect (the crackle kit comes with instructions). Find out about these and other Vitrail auxiliaries in our slide show.

Medium - The no-drip medium facilitates application on vertical surfaces.

Medium Lightening - Lightening Medium allows the creation of lighter tones without reducing the quality of the colour nor making it more fluid.

Glitter Medium - Glitter Medium may be mixed with the colours to obtain bright and sparkling and glittery effects.

Matte Medium - Matt Medium is mixed with the colours to obtain a matte finish, a frosted effect.

Crackling Kit - For real crackling on glass, the Crackling kit is composed of 2x45 ml bottles and an instructional leaflet.

Lead Tape - The self adhesive lead tape is used to create shapes and patterns in lead to imitate stained glass perfectly.