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Grafix Frisket Film

Grafix Frisket Film is a self-adhering film with a removable adhesive that leaves no residue. This durable film will allow clean cuts and reusable masking.

Features - Easy to cut, Repositionable, Translucent backing, Moisture and wrinkle proof. Great for airbrushing, retouching, stencils, rubber stamping, watercolors and masking.

Available Styles: All Purpose Low Tack - A .002 mil film in clear or matte with an ultra-removable adhesive on a polypropylene base. The adhesive sticks when needed and removes without leaving a residue. Excellent for use on hot press (smooth) surfaces including illustration board, photographs, watercolor and drawing paper and with most airbrush techniques.

Extra Tack - A .001 mil matte polyester film with a strong adhesive to help prevent paint seepage and edge build up. Ideal for use on cold press (rough) board, glass, plastic, metal or applications requiring more exact color control.

Note: (Grafix Frisket Films are not recommended for use with automotive paints and applications.)

Both styles available in sheets, rolls and packs of 6, 12 or 100 sheets.