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Daylight Floor Lamp

U21098 - Ultimate Floorstanding Lamp - Treat yourself with the finest floor lamp of our range. The Ultimate Floor lamp brings together 20 years of experience designing high quality lamps with the best materials. This new model has an improved flexible gooseneck arm so you can position the light even better or use the lamp as an up-light. With the included 6 optional wheels you can easily move the lamp between rooms and the 20w Daylight bulb gives you the best full spectrum light available so you can see the true colors and work for hours in optimal comfort. The lamp is fully height adjustable and comes with 3 unique removable accessories; a tray (with dust cover) to keep your bits and bobs organised, a chartholder for your patterns and a magnifier to help you see the intricate details. With the accessories removed, this lamp with high-quality antique finish will fit any interior. If you are serious about your hobby and love colors the way we do, this is the best lamp you will ever work with.

Technical Info:: Height: 165cm (65 inches), Weight: 12.5kg (27.5 lbs), Arm length: 65cm (25.5 inches), Lens diameter: 13cm (5 inches), Lens magnification: 1.75x, Light: 20W (100W)
U32117 - Slimline Floor Lamp - Reach new heights with the stylish Slimline Floor lamp. Light up large work areas, like your home office, craft room or a living room couch. This stunning brushed chrome lamp will surprise you with plenty of bright Daylight light for comfortable crafting and reading. With the 2 unique flex points, you can swiftly direct the light exactly where you need it and the on/off switch is always within easy reach. The slim head design gives you perfect lighting conditions, above your hands and below your eyes, with optimal shadow free lighting. This lamp comes with our 11w Daylight energy saving tube which reduces eye strain and gives you amazing color matching.

Technical Info:: Height: 134cm (53 inches), Weight: 4.24kg (9.5 lbs), Arm length: 46cm (18 inches), Wattage: 11W, Lumens: 680 lm, Light: 11W Daylight tube

U23030-01 - Daylight Floor Lamp - This new floorstanding lamp has been designed with you in mind. We understand that working in comfort is very important to you, thats why it features our unique Easy-Twist movement. Effortlessly, you can twist the head and direct the light exactly where you are, not the other way around. This fantastic lamp also comes with a flicker free 18w Daylight energy saving tube (equiv. 100w). This lamp will soon become your best partner for all your craft projects!

Technical Info: Height: 112cm (44 inches, Weight: 6.6kg (14.5 lbs, Arm length: 44cm (17.5 inches), Lens diameter: 13cm (5 inches), Lens magnification: 1.75x, Light: 18W (100W), Light: 18w Daylight tube (U13621), Lens: 5 inch , 1.75 X magnification, Floor stand on 6 wheels, Flicker-free ballast, Supplied with a removable magnifier.

U31067 - Flexi-vision Floor Lamp - This product is the result of extensive research and collaboration with the RNIB and other low vision specialists. The Flexi-visionTM Floor lamp regroups all the best features to make it the ultimate reading lamp. The 20w Daylight energy saving bulb reduces glare and improves contrast allowing you to read and write for longer in optimal comfort. With the new multi-swivel system and flexible arm, you can direct the light exactly where you need it and use this lamp on a sofa or at a table. The Flexi-visionTM Floor lamp is also one of the safest lamps on the market with clear on/off switch location, anti-trip cable holders and low heat shade.

Technical Info: Height: 140cm (55 inches), Weight: 5.9kg (13 lbs), Light: 20W (100W)

UN1108 - Craft Floor Lamp - Floor standing craft, hobby and reading lamp with a flexible neck & head-joint so you can easily direct the light exactly where you need it! Put the lamp beside your sofa or chair so the light comes over your shoulder and shines exactly on what you want to see. The 11w energy-saving and full spectrum bulb is perfect to work with colors and fine details and is comfortable for your eyes! This practical lamp comes with a removable & height adjustable crystal clear magnifying lens (4 inch diameter, 1.75X, 3 diopter) for all your intricate work. Enjoy your hobbies for longer in optimal comfort with this Naturalight lamp. (Supplied with bulb & removable magnifier).

Technical Info: Height: 130cm (51 inches), Lens diameter: 10cm (4 inches), Lens magnification: 1.75x, Light: 11W (60W) Naturalight

UN1072 - Hobby floor lamp - This floor lamp is perfect to work and read on a sofa. The powerful 27w Full Spectrum Naturalight tube will give you the best color rendering and allow to read or work in comfort. With its flexible neck, you can also direct the light exactly where you are, not the other way around. Relax and enjoy working with Naturalight!

Technical Info: Height: 130cm (51 inches), Weight: 5kg (11 lbs), Light: 27W (160W) Naturalight

UN1081 - LED Floor / Table Mag Light - Practical and versatile Table + Floor lamp - ideal for hobbies, crafts and visually impaired users - 21 High performance Naturalight LEDs - high performance & low heat - Large 5" lens with 2.0X magnification - easily see minute details and texts - Flexible gooseneck arm aims your light exactly where needed - Simply remove the pole for use as a table lamp - Height: 44 inch

Technical Info: Height: 112cm (44 inches), Weight: 3.13kg (7 lbs), Lens diameter: 13cm (5 inches), Lens magnification: 2x, Light: 21 Naturalight LEDs