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C-Thru Plastic Rulers

These plastic transparent rulers feature millimeters numbered in centimeters on one edge and 16ths to the inch on the opposite edge. They are the ideal measuring tool for use in the office, school, or at home.

Graph Rulers are transparent, have handy 8ths graph ruled. Edges calibrated in 16ths to the inch and beveled to accommodate work with ink. Zero centering scale.

The Graphic Art Ruler features opaque plastic, printed two sides. Features E-scale, 16ths, picas, points, and agate scales. Also includes percentage and halftone screens, and proof readers marks.

Pica Ruler features transparent design to line up and center type, or copy of mechanicals, or layouts. It is calibrated in picas, has a 0 centering pica scale, plus graduations in 16ths to the inch and standard column spacing.

L-Square features a transparent plastic square. Each leg has an 8ths graph with an edge in 16ths and centimeters.

Features: All plastic rulers are laminated for durability.

Note: The C-Thru ruler company was recently acquired by Wescott and as such the products your receive may be labeled with either the Wescott or C-Thru brand name while this transition of ownership is completed.