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Claessens Linen Rolls

Claessens linen rolls provide artists with optimal professional quality in materials, craftsmanship, elasticity and painting surfaces. Claessens linen is made entirely from flax, due to its soft fibers and exceptional durability. Prior to being primed, each roll of linen has been meticulously inspected for weaving faults, abnormally thick threads and lumps. Scrupulously, these imperfections are extracted and brought to a flawless smooth surface through being shaved and dusted. These linen rolls include oil primed, universal primed and unprimed for artists' various canvas need. Every paint primer is made by Claessens to assure flawless harmony between the linen surface and the primer. Some linen rolls are available unprimed.

Style 109 - This medium thread and medium weight linen roll is smoother than most rolls. It weight 5.31 oz per square yard unprimed, 11.5 oz per square yard oil primed, and 10.71 oz per square yard acrylic primed. This style of linen roll has a warp of 27.9 TPI and a weft of 35.6 TPI.